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An adult sex doll & toy sex positive company based in Belgium. The selection of dolls, toys and personal care items are 100% body safe and carefully handpicked with love by the Bedollz team, to ensure fireworks in the bedroom. We invite you to take a moment to get to know what our company ethos and ethics are, through the words of the owner himself.

“I regard myself as a true professional consumer  in regards to sex dolls and toys. This is not because of my 10 years involvement with the industry itself, but due to the fact that I cannot deny that I am a toy and doll enthusiast myself. I have been testing products for years, not only for professional reasons but also to fuel my own personal sexescapades, for as long as I can remember. I strongly believe in the power of adult products, the power they have to enhance your sexual experiences. I am always up for the next best thing and I believe dolls are a total game changer in the sex toy industry.

I always wanted to be an owner of a sex doll and toy store, that would be everything I would have loved as an online shopper. In result, I have explored most of the adult products that has been released on the market. Therefore, if there’s something our Bedollz team doesn’t know about sex dolls and toys, it’s not worth knowing. In my eyes, Bedollz is not only another faceless sex store but a place where our customers can have a sense of community with the Bedollz team and feel sexually liberated. We want them to be open to ask us about any advice they may need, in order to choose the best doll option, suited to their desires.

This is what makes Bedollz quite unique, because as the owner of an adult toy company I haven’t sanitized my approach to the sex dolls and products. On the contrary, I have ensured that I have a full hands on deep experience concerning my products. this is what certifies that our products will most likely  maximize sexual play. After all, you must test drive the car before you buy it. Therefore, I can surely stand by my dolls when I claim that they can completely enhance your sex life in the most unimaginable ways.

From the consumers perspective, there were many times that I had wished I could find a little corner of heaven online. An online shop where I could feel like the sex store puts the customer’s needs first. Someplace  where,  If needed it, I could get solid advice that could guide me into a good purchase customized to the kink I am looking for, without feeling embarrassed. There is always some fear of the chance that the mailman will slip up and suddenly, Johnny, your lovely all rounded neighbor from down the road, would accidentally get a glimpse of what you are having for dinner tonight, and you know well, it wouldn’t be the chicken breast and thighs he imagined. But jokes aside, this was the motivation for the creation of Bedollz. I imagined creating a place that I myself would buy from and I would, tick all the boxes of what I would expect from an online sex store before I commit to a purchase without fear and hesitation.

Therefore, this is why I have ensured that we offer discreet packaging, safety of your personal information and products with true resemblance to the pictures. I have guaranteed that we offer some real and true advice, something that is necessary to highlight your pleasure.  This is of absolute importance to me as the owner of Bedollz, and I feel it is necessary for an online adult doll store, as we treat your sexual play with the utmost respect. I want you to feel that choosing your special custom sex doll is an enjoyable experience, from the click of your mouse, to the moment you receive it at your door with a no-nonsense approach.

Bedollz is no place of judgement but a place of celebration that promotes opening the roads to unexplored sexual avenues. The dolls are geared towards all identities, it’s not our business to tell you how you are “ supposed “ to use a product or what the norm is. There’s no such thing as a doll that’s solely “for couples only” or “just for women”, as everything in our store can be used by anybody. Our team is close-knit, so communication with us does not get lost along the way and you get that personal feeling from everyone on the team. We are all on the same page when it comes to our ethos and ethics. As long as you are practicing safe sex, what you choose to do in your bedroom is your prerogative and nobody else’s. Therefore, the only thing we say to you is that the sky ‘s the limit and you should enjoy the Bedollz experience to the maximum, cause after all, that’s what this is all about, your sexual pleasure and stimulation.

My vision for the Real Sex Dolls and Toys industry in the future is that it will become a topic we can discuss freely and openly about, as we don’t want anybody missing out on all the fun we have been having. ”

We wish you happy pleasuring and safe sex,

Fabian & The Bedollz Team.


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